Friday, March 30, 2012

Insane Chest Training for Punching Power

I swear, he's out of his mind...
Exercises to Build Shirt-Stretching Pecs
New exercises = a bigger, better chest...
These exercises are just insane

You've gotta be freaking kidding me...
How Nick invents new exercises...

Want a STRONGER more MUSCULAR Body? Decades of Knowledge and Experience have been poured into this training program especially for MMA athletes ! The more powerful your CHEST is THE bigger PUNCH you can throw.

Hi Fitness Friends!

So yesterday, I told you about Nick Nilsson's new book "The Best Chest Exercises You've Never Heard Of". Well, the response has just been TREMENDOUS.
Click here to check it out now:
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And Nick told me the most frequent comment he's been getting about these exercises...
"How do you come up with these insane exercise?" (and yes, people DO use the word insane when they write him!)
Here's his response:
"Well, to me, it's all about results. I don't create exercises just for the sake of creating exercises. They've gotta have a purpose and they've gotta get RESULTS.
Sometimes I take equipment and look at it in completely different ways. Where one person sees a bench press machine, I see a shoulder press, a leg press, a calf raise machine, curl machine, row machine.
Sometimes, I'll challenge myself to work every single body part while limiting myself to just one piece of equipment.
And then there are times when I just say what the 'heck' and go all mad scientist and just see what happens.
The real key to remember is that these crazy exercises I come up with aren't crazy for no reason...they're extremely targeted to their purpose, whether it be increasing the resistance on a body weight exercise like the push-up (i.e. my Rack Weighted Push-Up exercise), or focusing on the peak contraction position of the pec using a free-weight-only exercise (i.e. my Lying Side Dumbell Flye exercise).
Plus, I want you to have FUN when you're in the gym, while getting better results! You're going to put a lot more effort into things and have a WAY more motivation to train hard when you're trying new things and having a good time doing it.
I have to say, the #1 thing people tell me after using the Muscle Building and Strength Training exercises from my books is that their motivation to train simply went through the ROOF! Some people have literally had to STOP themselves from spending too much time at the gym because of how much they're enjoying the new exercises!
That pretty much says it all!
And the cool thing is, you can actually check out and try out three exercises that Nick mentioned above (the Rack Weighted Push-Ups and the Lying Side Dumbell Flyes) right on his site - no need to sign up for anything!
So if you want to build a GREAT chest and the regular exercises just aren't getting the job done, you really have GOT to check this book out:


Maximus Fitness Trainer, Mind-Muscle-Motivator

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