Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MMA Combat Sports Psychlogy

MMA Combat Sports Psychology - Why You Should Pay Attention!

You've heard top fighters and coaches say that success in MMA
combatsports is 60%, 70%, even up to 90% mental. It would be hard to
prove the exact percentage, but make no mistake, it is very
And at the same time mostly ignored.
Although MMA fighters know that in order to reach their true potential,
they need to train their brain, it usually is an afterthought.
What needs to happen is that you need a plan of attack, just like
you need a fight plan when you walk into the ring or cage.
If you just wing it with your MMA combat sports psychology, sooner or later
someone is going to get into your head, and you will lose to a
lesser skilled opponent.
Don't let that happen!
Of course, if your physical skills suck, having your head together
will not instantly make you a champion fighter.
We are not going to BS you here.
But using the Renegade Mindset For Fighters techniques will
absolutely allow you to GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, and be
the best fighter you can be at this point in your training and
We know that many of you have heard boring PhD sports psychologists
talk about theories and other useless stuff.
Don't worry... none of that coming from us!
Check out all of our free info and demos of combat sports psychology
and get ready to kick some ass!

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