Friday, March 30, 2012

Want a Monster Chest, Read this

Chest Training for the Pec Deprived...
The solution to your chest plateau
You want a big chest? Open this now...
Want a monster chest? This is for YOU...


Hi MMA Fitness enthusiast!

So if there was just ONE bodypart that you really wanted to bodypart that ALWAYS ends up first in your training routine...what would it be?
I think chances are pretty good that it's your CHEST!
I mean, having that thick gladiator-like chest just screams power and strength (unless you're female, of course, then you want to work your chest for a whole different reason!).
So if you're in a chest training rut...gains on bench press have come to a screeching halt...or maybe you're just plain bored with your chest training right now...
I've got some EXCELLENT news for you!
And if you like insane, new chest training exercises that will not only give your muscles a shock but ELECTRIFY your motivation to train hard again...I've got even BETTER news for you...
Nick Nilsson (a.k.a. the "Mad Scientist" of exercise) has just come out with a new book called "The Best Chest Exercises You've Never Heard Of."
I think the name says it all :)

Check it out here now.

So here's the deal...
If you've got access to free weight and bodyweight and a few basic pieces of equipment, you'll be able to use the VAST majority of these exercises.
And here's the cool thing...Nick has posted THREE sample exercises taken directly from the book right on his site for you read to and try out RIGHT NOW. No need to sign up for anything - just go the site and learn 'em.
I think he thinks once you've tried these samples, you'll be hooked...
Me? I think he's right...
Go check it out here:


Maximus, Fitness Trainer, Motivator
P.S. When you get to the site and read through the sample exercises, you'll notice he's got a sign-up box where you can actually sign up to get ADDITIONAL exercises. Definitely sign up for this - he told me he's also going to be sending out even MORE sample exercises to the people who do.
Get More Samples

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