Monday, October 26, 2015

Defend Your Woman in Case of a Gang Attack

Unfortunately this kind of crime of assault and battery happens everyday in most every
 city of the United States and the crime rate is growing exponentially.
How would you react to the multiple attackers in the video above?
This guy was caught completely OFF-GUARD!
He was no where near prepared to handle the onslaught of this viscous gang 
attack! Not only did this guy not know how to protect himself or his 
woman, getting beat down in the process, but he let the thugs nearly kill him. 
This guy was not even armed with any type of force multiplier i.e a knife, kubaton, or
 better yet a firearm. DONT BE THAT GUY!
Fact is that if this guy had just a little bit of knowledge he could have taken out a few of
 these thugs and kept the others at bay until the police arrived.
Get the 15 brutal Fight Enders DVD combat training package at this link.
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If you're interested in some simple yet very 
brutal "dirty tricks" that give you an instant
"unfair" advantage in most any street confrontation
...then listen up.
Here's some deadly-simple hand-to-hand fight
tips -- the SAME ones used by Navy SEALS and 
Black Ops combat experts -- that will END a
fight (on your terms) in a couple of seconds.
See this free video here.
What you'll discover isn't "martial arts". There are 
no complex moves
 (which you'd only forget in a

real fight).
It's just 15 simple and easy-to-learn fight moves that
ANYONE -- of any size or strength or skill level --
can use to devastate a larger opponent.

Most civilians are shocked to see just how EASY it
is for small men, women, even children to use these
vicious techniques to instantly dominate a bigger man.
This is no joke. Once you see these techniques for
yourself, your body will almost instantly become
as dangerous as a cocked and loaded weapon.
They're that powerful. And it means an enormous
boost to your self-confidence
But you must hurry. I've received so many phone
calls and emails that I've extended this free offer
for another 24 hours.
This won't be available tomorrow. So watch the
video today.
You'll be so glad you did.
Stay Safe Maximus 

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