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Critical Ripped, Get Chisled, Shredded Muscle

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Subject:  3 "Old Weird Tips" To Get Absolutely Ripped [ARTICLE]
Getting a lean and ripped body is one of the most challenging and difficult
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With so much misinformation out there, it is difficult to know what is right
and what is wrong.  That is why I wanted to share a great article from
the founder and CEO of Critical Bench, Mike Westerdal on the subject.

In this short, but information packed article, Mike will give you 3 "odd" tips that
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3 "Weird Old" Tips to get Absolutely Ripped [Article] <<<click to learn more. 

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Self Defense Tactic #45 Surprise The Bully

A common self defense trick that many experts instruct is that, when somebody comes up to you and starts threatening you, you should set up your defense by adopting a “ready stance” that looks passive but still protects your upper body.  For example, your hands should be up and open as if saying, “I don’t want to fight.” but you should still have your body in a position to defend yourself if needed.
This isn’t such bad advice.  Unfortunately it requires your brain and your body to be speaking the same language and 95% of the time, I see trainees unable to overcome this obstacle even in relaxed self defense training scenarios.  It gets much harder in the adrenaline charged real world self defense scenario. Here’s what I mean…
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When posturing for self defense, tricks like holding your hands up and saying, “I don’t want to fight” often aren’t perceived that way.  Somebody who’s angry, drunk, or just not paying attention won’t hear you telling him you “don’t want any trouble.”  If your body is in a “ready” stance, when your hands come up, he may actually see you looking for a fight, and that’s all he’ll process.  Bystanders might think the same thing; they may not hear or remember that you said you didn’t want trouble.

No one deserves to be Bullied, put a stop to it now and learn how to protect yourself, take Action and learn Self Defense, Start lifting weights at home to get some extra confidence in yourself. Start eating healthy foods,cut out all the junk food in your diet, drink water, follow a bodybuilding program at home, get off the couch , turn off the TV, the Xbox, and the computer, order a strength training program from this site and start working out! I guarantee you will start feeling better about yourself, gain some huge amounts of Confidence. Try the Mind Power Fighter Mind set, with self Hypnosis sessions that can turn your thinking into a power house of positive energy . This site is filled with all the tools you need to transform your entire being into an unstoppable force of nature.

Either you are a bystander and witness someone being bullied and choose to do Nothing, or you are a Bully terrorizing other smaller weaker kids, or you are the kid getting Bullied, The problem is the Bystanders , which outnumber the Bullies by 10 times. The Bystanders are the ones who can band together and Protect the one being Bullied. You just have to have the Guts to stand up for whats right and Protect the Innocent. Dont let fear stop you from possibly saving someones life. Many kids every year unfortunately commit suicide as a result of bullying

Make A stand for whats right, Put a stop to Bullying, Arm yourself with the Knowledge that will allow you to overcome any Bullying situation by investing in this Self Defense Program. 
Knowledge is Power, but useless unless you take massive Action. 
In addition, to defend yourself, you need to have the survival mind-set to rip your attacker’s head off if needed, right?  Well your brain is then thinking “self defense”, tricking your body language to show that you’re really ready to fight despite your submissive words.  To better de-escalate the confrontation and also get your attacker to lower his guard if you need to defend yourself, here’s a self defense trick that will fool any attacker and not only set you up for a surprise preemptive attack…but also “look” more like self defense to those around  you for the police report that results:
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 1:  First, turn to the side.
This is like blading your body, but it’s more extreme than that.  You’re putting most of your body farther away from your attacker while putting your lead hand closer to him.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 2:  Next, hunch your shoulders.

This looks passive; it’s a submission cue programmed into our primitive brains, a visual prompt from the animal kingdom that makes you look like you’re afraid and unwilling to fight back.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 3:  Talk with your hands.
While you’re busy telling your attacker that you don’t want any trouble, maybe even offering to buy him a drink if you’re in a bar, get him used to seeing your hands move around.  That way, when you finally do move, you’ll take him by surprise.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 4:  If he refuses to deescalate, strike him.
You can do a simple palm heel blow with your lead hand, which is already halfway to your target by the time you do it… and you’ll take your attacker completely by surprise as you preempt his attack.
This is a very effective sneak-attack approach to self-defense.  Trick your opponent into thinking you’re a submissive weakling and you’ll trick anybody else who might be watching.  You’ll program them to think you’re the victim, and you’ll walk away the winner…and survivor.

Here is a possible solution 

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Self Defense Kick To The Groin

The self defense groin kick is without a doubt a valuable technique in close quarters combat.  (Any guy who’s ever come crashing down on the crossbar of his bicycle knows that.)  But there’s a bunch of mistakes that many martial artists make when executing a groin kick for self defense – mistakes that can actually end up hurting YOU as a result if you don’t do pay close attention to these aspects of your technique.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #1: Use In Close Quarters Combat!
Don’t go for a groin kick from far away!  As men, we have a subconscious radar that register when someone is going to hit our groin.  This makes it harder to deliver an effective groin kick because he’s more likely to turn to avoid the kick as an instinctive reaction.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #2: Beware The Headbutt!
Self defense groin kicks, when used as taught in most “traditional” training settings, use a “linear” approach that places the martial artist directly in front of their attacker. But the way the body naturally reacts when hit with a groin kick is to instantly bend forward.
If you attempt a groin kick for self defense when you’re right in front of your attacker, this places you right in the way of your attacker’s head as it comes crashing down in an involuntary reaction.  Needless to say, you don’t want to transform  your groin kick against your attacker into a “headbutt” that takes YOU out of the fight.  This IS for “self defense” remember!
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Defense Groin Kick Secret #3: Attack HIGH First!

You can stop the natural “headbutt” reaction by first striking high to your attacker’s body.  This also makes sure that he doesn’t see the groin kick coming and you can deliver more power in your technique.
Self Defense Groin Kick Secret #4: Shift Your Body!

The secret to proper execution for a self defense groin kick then is to kick while shifting your body slightly to the SIDE as you kick.  When you execute this technique in this way, you can actually deliver more power AND make sure you’re out of the way should your attacker’s head lurch forward.
Consider all of these techniques the next time you train for the self defense groin kick!

This can be your most effective defense if you do not have any weapons for self defense.

Consider the range of your leg. It has the greatest potential for knocking a would be Male Attacker.

Also consider your knee as a backup weapon for close range.

Important note even if a male is on top of you he would most likely be holding you down with one arm, well ladies he MUST use his other arm to undo his pants right! Well that will free up your other arm and gives you a chance to Attack his EYES, with an eye gouge
Use your thumbs like this.
use your fingernails to inflict pain to all of the "Soft Tissue" Targets, 
Ears, a flat handed pop to an ear will send shockwaves of pain into anyones head
Nostrills shove 2 fingers straight up the nose forcefully
Neck and Throat  like this 

Use Your Mouth BITE him as hard as you can!!!
Your Jaw is the strongest muscle in the human body use it to your advantage.

The pain Prevention weighs an ounce....
but the Pain of un-preparedness weighs a TON.

Prepare yourself with a small keychain of Mace, Pepper spray and use a small keychain weapon called a "Kubotan"
(see weapons for self defense below)

Knowledge Is Power
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How To Read A Knife Fight

Do you know how to defend yourself against knife fighting?
Do you know the mindset behind a knife attack?
Can you “read” your attacker and know how he’s planning to attack you?
Well, if you ever leave your house at all and if you take the idea of self-defense seriously, you had better learn.

Knives are very common.  They’re easy to get, they’re easy to carry, and they’re easy to conceal.  A man with a knife can leave you bleeding and maimed — or dead — in less than the time it takes you to read this paragraph.  Especially when you don’t have a weapon of your own, you’ve got to understand how to read a knife fighting threat, how to predict a knife fighting attack.  If you don’t, you could pay with your life.
A man who comes at you with an edged weapon will often give away his intentions.  There are no guarantees, of course.  These guidelines are just that; people can be unpredictable, and none more so than those individuals desperate enough to use a weapon to mug, rape, or kill a stranger.  The probability is, however, that certain types of attackers present an edged weapon in certain ways.  Understanding this can give you an edge in dealing with them, even if you are unarmed yourself.
If a guy presents a knife in a forward grip, especially if he’s holding it loosely and moving it around in front of him in showy patterns, he’s trying to impress you with it.  He’s giving you time to see the knife and to understand what he could do with it.  He’s not planning to attack you with the blade, not immediately; he wants to scare you, to intimidate you.  If he wanted to stick you he wouldn’t be wasting time trying to impress you (unless he’s working up the courage to do the deed).

An attacker who’s taken a strong fist-like grip on his weapon, or an attacker who has a knife but is trying to hide it behind his body, is much more dangerous.  He’s in wait-and-see mode.  He’s trying to decide if he wants to stab you, and he’s allowing for the very real possibility that he might.  Your actions will determine whether he goes through with his attack.  Whether you pass or fail his “street interview,” whether you seem like an easy target or like somebody who can take care of himself, will determine whether he comes after you.
The most dangerous attacker is the man who holds an edged weapon with a death-grip in the “icepick” position.  As silly as that locked-arm, overhand stab might seem, it’s extremely powerful.  Yes, there are defenses and  blocks taught against it, some of which are even presented as never-fail techniques.  In practice, though, a man stabbing away with an overhand icepick grip on an edged weapon is likely to drive right through your defenses, stabbing at your head and neck and doing you serious if not lethal damage in these critically vulnerable parts of the body.
Know how to read potentially deadly attacks. Your life or the lives of your family who might be in danger are on the line.

Take the time to learn these very effective straight forward Self Defense Techniques, they could save your life.

Survival knowledge is vital to overcoming would be attackers, looters, home invaders, thieves etc. 

Take action! Learn how to Defend against a Knife Attack

Multiple Attacker Myths

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How To Disarm A Gunman

                                 How To Disarm an Attacker With A Weapon

One Punch Knockout

How To Knockout Your Opponent With One Punch!
By Self Defense Expert Jeff Anderson.

Video Demonstration of how easy and effective just one punch can be to you in a close quarters combat situation. This information will be extremely helpful to you or a loved one. Dont wait until its too late to learn Self Defense.

Whether you’re in an MMA or boxing ring, or whether you’re involved in a street fight, using the uppercut is your best bet if your aim is to knock someone out with a single punch. With that said, the uppercut also has its own disadvantages in a fight. In this short article we’ll take a look at why this is, and you’ll also be shown a simple trick which can be used to make the blow even more powerful as a knockout punch.        

The reason why the uppercut is amongst the best self defense techniques is because it remains outside your attacker’s field of vision as it comes in. By the time your attacker sees the punch coming, it’s too late. Because of this, your opponent doesn’t have much of an opportunity to block the punch, and of course that means you have even better chance of delivering it effectively.
Also, when the uppercut connects with your opponent’s chin, it inevitably slams his head backwards. Over and above the jarring affect this has on the brain, the resultant whiplash causes mayhem between the skull and the spinal nerves. This is essentially why the uppercut is the punch of choice when a boxer wants to knock someone out.

Another reason why the uppercut is so effective is because it’s delivered along the body’s centerline. If you don’t know what the centerline is, just imagine a line drawn vertically up the center of a person’s body. As anyone involved with self defense will attest to, your body’s centerline is exceptionally difficult to defend.

As mentioned earlier, the uppercut does also have a disadvantage in that a person’s chin is quite a small target.  If you’re in a real street fight, you won’t have any boxing or MMA gloves on. Unfortunately this means that your punch is likely to miss the target. Another problem is that even if you do strike the chin, your wrist is in a weak position and could fold over, resulting in a painful sprain, or even a broken wrist.

 The Uppercut can be a One Punch Knockout
Fortunately there’s a solution. Rather than using a traditional punch, you can instead strike your opponent with the palm of your hand, using the area just above your wrist. Using this technique means that you’ll still have all the fundamental benefits of an uppercut, in that your blow will be delivered along the centerline, but you won’t run the risk of injuring your wrist.
Learn The One Punch Knockout!
Realize that you won’t always be able to knock someone out with one punch, so of course you need to be prepared to follow through with other self defense techniques. The good news is that if you use your palm for the uppercut and you don’t knock your opponent out, your hand will be positioned in such a way so that you can use your fingers to rake your opponents face on the down move. Alternatively, you could simply reach behind his head and then pull it down as you bring your knee up, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how damaging a knee-strike can be as a self defense technique.
Dont be this guy (right)!!
To sum matters up, the palm-heel version of the uppercut has all the advantages of a traditional uppercut, but it doesn’t share the same disadvantages. There’s simply no denying that the uppercut is an extremely powerful blow, but if the palm is used rather than the knuckles, it becomes even more effective if you want to know how to knock someone out with one punch.
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Bruce Lee Training Muscles, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon

                    Bruce Lee Training Muscles, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon

Van Damme vs Bolo

Jean Claude Van Damme vs. Bolo in "Double Impact" Fight scene

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Fight to the death in "Way of the Dragon"

Bruce Lee Beats Chuck Norris to a pulp in "Way of the Dragon"

Learn how to get the Fighters Mindset,
 Psychological advantage with Renegade Mindset Technique

Bruce Lee Top 10 Fight scenes From Enter The Dragon

                                               "Bruce Lee Top 10 Fights From "Enter the Dragon"

Bruce Lee vs O'Hara "Enter the Dragon" Fight scene

                                           Bruce Lee fights O'Hara in Enter the Dragon

Brandon Lee vs. Bolo

                                                       Brandon Lee vs. Bolo Fight scene

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Anderson Silva and Steven Segal

                                                      Anderson Silva learns a thing or 2 from Steven Segal
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